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VMLite: Virtual Machines for Everyone?

While doing some random web browsing, I came across a product called VMLite. It is billed as a better XP Mode, that is available in Windows 7, but there appears to be much more to it:

VMLite XP Mode offers similar functions as Microsoft Windows XP Mode, but doesn’t require hardware virtualization. It allows you to run Windows XP at the same time from your desktop running on a different host operating system. 

Even if your computer has VT-x or AMD-V, you should try out VMLite, because it runs faster, has better graphics and supports 3D/2D acceleration, supports multiple virtual CPUs, supports 64-bit guests, etc.

If you want to migrate your old Windows XP to run as virtual machine on your new Windows 7 PC, you can use our MyOldPCs software.

If you want to boot your old Windows XP directly on your new PC to have a multiple boot system in addition to your Windows 7, you can use our VBoot software, which boots an operating system from a single virtual disk file in VHD format.


The features list is impressive, and could be useful for those with extra licenses of Windows (e.g. corporations with volume licenses) that want to sandbox certain applications for malware analysis, or even to simply get old software to run on Windows 7.

          • Provides similar functions as Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode from Microsoft
          • No requirement for hardware-assisted virtualization, namely, it runs without VT-x or AMD-v
          • Provides seamless integration with host desktop to run applications from Windows XP virtual machine
          • Host files can be accessed from within the XP Mode virtual machine easily
          • Control-C/V can be used to copy files and other contexts between host and vm, between different vms.
          • Support 3rd party virtual machine images: VMDK, VHD, VDI, HDD
          • Runs on any PC with Windows XP and above as host operating systems
          • Highly performed, XP Mode boots in 20 seconds
          • Supports XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2003 server, 2008 server as guest, for example, you can run Windows 7 on XP to have similar integration features
          • Supports Virtual Application Mode – if you start a vm application from host Start menu, this program is launched within a special context, called "Virtual Application Mode", where My Documents, My Desktop, and other special shell folders will be redirected to the host. For example, if you launch XP Mode Word from host Start menu, you will see green borders, and when you save a new document to My Documents, it will be actually saved to your host My Documents folder.
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