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802.11 Attacks

Brad Antoniewicz, a senior security consultant at Foundstone, has published a whitepaper that provides a step-by-step walkthrough of popular 802.11 attacks. It’s very well written, and assumes the reader is a bit of a novice in the realm of 802.11 attacks. Great read.

On a slightly different topic, Josh Wright published a very interesting whitepaper: Vista Wireless Power Tools for the Penetration Tester

This paper is designed to illustrate the Vista tools useful for wireless penetration testing, the format of which is designed to be easy to read and utilize as a learning tool. Designed after the timeless work of “Unix Power Tools” by Sherry Powers, et al, this paper presents several “article-ettes” describing the requirements, Vista features and solutions for challenges faced by a penetration tester attacking wireless networks.
This paper also presents two new tools, vistarfmon and nm2lp, both available on the InGuardians Tools page.
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