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Learning Delphi the easy way

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Former Delphi Product manager Nick Hodges created 30 demos targeted to those new to Delphi and the object-pascal language. The videos take the viewer through the basics of the IDE, the language, and each demo mostly builds on the previous one in order to ultimately create a not too shabby GUI text editor.

If you are new to Delphi, this is a *great* place to start with the language and I’d highly recommend investing the time and watching the videos. I’ve seen them all and it helped me quite a bit.

The video demos use Delphi 2006, but these demos are entirely valid on any newer (and probably the older Delphi releases) version as well. Here are the topics covered in the videos:

#1 – Intro to the IDE
#2 – Hello World
#3 – Basic Application Development
#4 – Language Introduction
#5 – More Lanugage Intro
#6 – Basic String Manipulation
#7 – Basic Datatypes
#8 – Sets
#9 – Arrays
#10 – Records
#11 – Basic Data
#12 – Simple Class
#13 – Procedure and Functions
#14 – Units
#15 – Inheritance
#16 – Polymorphism
#17 – Why OOP
#18 – Properties
#19 – Member Visibility
#20 – Constructors and Destructors
#21 – TurboPad: About Box
#22 – TurboPad: File Open
#23 – TurboPad: File Menu
#24 – TurboPad: Saving
#25 – TurboPad: Edit Menu
#26 – TurboPad: Toolbar
#27 – TurboPad: Word Wrap and Fonts
#28 – Live Templates
#29 – Refactorings
#30 – Debugger

And once you get through the videos, head over to the Delphi Basics website and bookmark it. Seriously, I still use this website about 10 times a day for reference on Delphi.

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