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Perl on NetBeans

This is a new, but very promising project to bring Perl support to NetBeans 7.x. I can’t really articulate *why*, but I’ve always preferred using NetBeans to other cross platform IDE’s  (e.g. Eclipse).

Both IDE’s are written in Java, but for some reason NetBeans always seemed more polished (and faster) to me. It could all be in my head, but I’m glad to see a push to bring Perl support back to NetBeans.

They also have a Facebook page that you can follow for more news and updates about the project.

From the Perl-on-NetBeans project website:

This project aims at providing support for Perl on the NetBeans platform. It aims at filling in the void for Perl programmers on NetBeans platform.

Initially, the following are the features that are planned to be integrated with this IDE:

1. Perl File Type Support
2. Perl Project Type
3. Code Execution
4. Syntax checking
5. Perl Tidy and Perl Critic (Source code formatting and analysis respectively)
6. Syntax highlighting
7. Brace matching
8. Real-time error parsing
9. Code completion
10. Code folding
11. Debugger Support

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