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Creating a Windows anti-virus engine

Ever wondered how to create an AV engine on Windows? Well wonder no more!

Great article that includes C/C++ code and also demonstrates good places to search for rootkits.

When roaming around the techies forums, I often see some people (and many not very experienced) asking for “How do I make an antivirus”, sometimes with not very adapted languages (bat, PHP, …) and having a wrong idea of what an antivirus is, and how it should be built.

I’ve also seen many “Antivirus softwares” made by kiddies, with very few still-at-school people and about 4 hours per day of coding on several weeks. I’m not telling kiddies are not skilled, but I’m telling building an antivirus engine needs either lot of skilled people with full time job plus lot of time to release a decent software or lot of money to pay them :) (in case they are not volunteer).

So, I’ll cover here the guidelines for a basic antivirus coding, for Windows and in C/C++. One can found here the pointers to design an antivirus engine, or simply learn how most of them are built.

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