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[link] How to use Armitage for vulnerability assessments

Great tool and the video linked on the article demonstrates how to use Armitage for vulnerability assessments.


With Armitage, enterprises can easily locate the machines running on a network, including the flavor and version of the OS running on each device. With that information, Armitage provides a thorough list of potentially successful attack methods for each OS version.

Security pros can either run a specific attack method provided by Armitage to see if a machine will be compromised, or they can deploy a “Hail Mary” scenario, which essentially throws every attack method available at a device to determine which would be successful for an attacker.

Armitage even provides the capability to take webcam shots and log keystrokes on victim machines, allowing a more thorough assessment of an organization’s attack surface. With the free Armitage tool, performing vulnerability assessments and securing vulnerable machines has never been easier.

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