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Linux exploit suggester

Article: http://penturalabs.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/linux-exploit-suggester/

Code: https://github.com/PenturaLabs/Linux_Exploit_Suggester

Many moons ago I stumbled across a broken script on an incident response job.  The Hackers uploaded numerous exploits and scripts in an attempt to compromise a Linux RedHat server.  Among these files was a broken script (that did not work) that would suggest possible exploits given the release version ‘uname -r’ of the Linux Operating System.

This gave me an idea; create my own that actually works….

As the name suggests, this is a Linux Exploit Suggester, with no frills and no fancy features; just a simple script to keep track of vulnerabilities and suggest possible exploits to use to gain ‘root‘ on a legitimate penetration test, or governing examining body

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