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PsExec Software Deployer

December 26, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

About 5 years ago I wrote a GUI wrapper around PsExec to assist me with using psexec to:

  1. Copy and execute software installations on a number of remote computers
  2. Run a command on a remote system and retrieve its output
  3. Log all activity and retrieved output in a grid view that can be exported to XLS, HTML, XML, or plain text.

When I needed to run complex scripts that depended on a number of files, I would create a self-extracting EXE (using this tool) and use this PsExec Software Deployer to copy the file and run it on remote systems.

I wrote it just for my own use, but I think others might get some use out of it as well so I am open-sourcing it. I wrote it in Delphi and as such it has no external dependencies and is a single EXE (although requires psexec.exe to be downloaded).

This tool is written to be multi-threaded, so multiple deployments can occur concurrently, which greatly sped up my ability to deploy software or retrieve data from machines.

The source is available here: https://github.com/MicksMix/psexec-software-deployer

If you just want the binary, it is here: https://github.com/MicksMix/psexec-software-deployer/blob/master/bin/debug/PsExecGui.exe



Here’s an example using the tool’s ability to run a command on a remote system and capture its output:


Double-clicking on the cell the red arrow is pointing to will display the full text from the command. Also, you can simply save the grid to a file (HTML, XLS, XML, or plain text).


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